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As the United States becomes a more “relaxed” culture, so has its wardrobe, posture, language and manners. We have forgotten what formal attire means, our bodies sit slouched in chairs, standard English is no longer standard, and the niceties once extended to others have disappeared.

Miss Cynthia L.S. Ely, affectionately called, “Miss Cynthia”, is passionate about reversing these trends. Miss Cynthia has committed herself to the development of children. She cares about their health, safety, self-esteem, development and success.

Concerned with the absence of civility in everyday life, she founded The Refinement Studio LLC, a welcoming, interactive setting within which children can learn how to navigate social interactions with grace and polish.

Officially trained and certified by Minding Manners through the prestigious International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London, Miss Cynthia is a Certified International Youth Etiquette Consultant.

Additionally, she holds a degree in English Arts from Hampton University, and has completed graduate-level studies in Management and Organization Development at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A classical music devotee, Miss Cynthia studied trumpet at the Eastman School of Music and completed classes in clay, sketching and photography at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Her non-profit professional experience includes work as a Preschool Teacher, Advocate for women in transition, and as a Staff and Organization Development Specialist at the Visiting Nurse Service where she was recognized as Employee of the Year by their board of directors.

Miss Cynthia is on the board of directors of the Soper-Wheeler Company, a one hundred-year-old tree farming company based in California.

Miss Cynthia is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She uses these skills to help children manage their stress. She fervently believes: “Our ability to be gracious is effected by our stress level. A peaceful spirit, healthy body, quiet mind and loving heart makes for a refined lady and gentleman.”

No matter what you do in life Miss Cynthia believes: “The legacy you leave behind is how you present yourself to others.”


“A GOOD INHERITANCE… There is no better inheritance to leave children than the memory of kind and gentle-mannered parents, whose influence for good will go with them through life. And there is no better discipline, or one which will better prepare them for the hard battles of life, than to teach them to yield their own wills to others, to remember that they must respect the tastes and wishes of others, and that to make the cares of this life endurable, they should be cheerfully obedient and self-sacrificing....”

Author Unknown