Perfumes and Colognes

I received a question from a reader about perfumes and colognes today…

“So much cologne/perfume. Why? Miss Cynthia I was wondering if you addressed this type of topic in your classes! People need to be schooled.”

– Vicki

Yes, I do discuss the use of perfumes in my classes. We are meant to wear a “kiss” of scent; we are not meant to bathe in it. A lady or gentleman is to leave a light fragrance behind as they walk by… enough to pique the interest of others, and leave a gentle memory.

When beginning your day, select the ONE scent you will wear for the day. Spray the perfume or cologne into the air directly in front of you and walk through. This is “the kiss.” You should have enough to last for a few hours. It is okay to repeat in the afternoon. Do not spray directly onto your skin or clothes.

Use clear perfumes and colognes during the day, and darker colored ones after five o’clock.

Avoid mixing scents or wearing too many at one time. Be aware of the scent of your shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, powder or lotion. Each of these products can have a strong scent of their own; adding perfume or cologne may be too much.

A lady or gentleman considers the health and comfort of others. When at work, be aware of those who have allergies or asthma. Your fragrance could set off a severe reaction or even attack.

May the scent you leave behind be gentle…